Crusaders Investigations Firm was founded on one prominent intent: to help you find the truth you’re seeking. 


Many men and women are struggling with a missing piece in their life, an unanswered question, or perhaps simply a nagging feeling that something isn't quite right. In particular, we likely all know someone who may need help with one of the following:


-Protection of their business by insuring the hiring of the right persons (via a comprehensive or extensive background investigation). 


-Have their innocence proved in a civil or criminal case. Or, conversely, help ensure the right person is brought to justice.


-Safeguarding their property by investigating a potential renter.


-Locating a missing loved one, heir or property.

-Help with proving a need to modify alimony or difficult custodial situations.

-Assistance in finding out what is happening in your home or business after you leave (nanny/employee concerns, etc.).

-Making sure the newest catch you met online is who they say they are.


-Protecting your privacy at home or work by ensuring the absence of hidden cameras or listening devices. 

Simply stated, most of us have been taken advantage of or deceived at some point, or even been blamed for something we didn't do. These issues can not only be painful, but life changing when it comes to finances and reputation. 

Our motto is John 8:32- The truth shall set you free. We are committed to helping our clients find the truth so they can move forward in life. We do so discreetly and are empathetic to your personal situations. 

In a quickly changing world- and one that is driven by evolving technology, the issues our children, families and businesses face are diverse and rapidly shifting. Our response, prevention and handling of these matters are imperative to our future generations.


In example:

*Social media alone, has changed the way our society operates. Synthetic drugs are becoming more and more available, and nearly impossible to detect. Opioid addictions and resulting deaths continue to rise. Identity thefts, fraudulent business practices and scams are overwhelming and carry incredible wakes of destruction. The impersonation of other people, who often present phony diplomas or professional certifications are on the rise, as they are cheap and easily accessible. Most compelling: Human trafficking is occurring at alarming rates, and yes- right in your neighborhood, yet this reality of modern slavery doesn’t normally make the 6 PM news. 


It is a changing world, and we should all be going the extra mile to ensure and promote safety. 

With extensive backgrounds in certified law enforcement, on local and federal levels, and public safety to include regulatory inspections, community relations and specific expertise such as drug diversion investigations, bomb disposal (EOD) and extensive surveillance; we decided to take our skills and experience and apply them in the private sector. 


My partner has joined me in my passionate goal to help reveal the truth to those in need. Having both worked many years in law enforcement, we know that enforcement agencies are limited in resources, time, and capabilities to help folks with some of the matters listed above. We also know that not everyone wants to turn to the police when they suspect certain difficulties. 

We are here to help with delicate problems that sometimes are personal or emotional and will do so discreetly and professionally every step of the way.